Commitment: All-Star clients (age 13+) are expected to commit to a minimum of 90-days. A monthly compliance rate of 90% or better must be maintained.

Program Delivery: Workout program designs are delivered on a weekly basis by Sunday at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Coaching Touchpoints: To ensure individual progress and skill mastery, All-Star clients can expect the following touchpoints each month:


  • 2 Workout Comments Per Week

  • 1 Skills Evaluation Per Week

  • 1 Zoom Check-In Call Per Month

Coach-to-Client Messaging: Communication is handled exclusively within the app. Messages will generally be returned within 1 business day unless it is received outside of the remote office hours. For matters that require immediate attention, clients can send an email to

Remote Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Payment Method:  Recurring monthly payments are collected online via Stripe.

Cancellation Policy: Clients may cancel their plan at any time after the first 90 days. Please note that written notice must be provided 30 days prior to cancellation. Early cancellation will result in a $60 processing fee plus any remaining charges.


personal online basketball training app


$119 Per Month

The All-Star Plan delivers a one of a kind personal online basketball training experience through the app. Your skills program design is custom-built on a weekly basis and overseen by Coach Mychal.


Complimentary 1 Week Free Trial

Initial Zoom Consultation & Platform Tour

Unlimited Workout Program Designs

2 Workout Comments Per Week

1 Skills Evaluation Per Week

1 Zoom Check-In Call Per Month

Access to Skills and Drills Library


Schedule a Zoom Consultation to set up your 7-Day Free Trial.

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