2 Ideas You Can Try When Rebuilding a Shot

I know there will be temptation to critique what my client needs to improve on in the shooting video above so let me first say that I’m well aware that there are areas that still need instruction. The clips that you see are visual teaching aids that I use for immediate feedback during shooting lessons (why have all this technology in our phones if we don't use it right?) and are not staged.

We are still very early in this client's shooting development process but I’m extremely proud of the improvement she’s made so far!

This post is intended to show how imperfect of a process shooting development is and embracing those imperfections along the way. There is more than one way to teach shooting - I have no problem acknowledging that..

However, let me share two stages of my shot rebuild process that I have used with this client that are getting good results. I’m by no means saying my way is the BEST or ONLY way, but rather A WAY that is working.

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Due to several severe bad habits that this client had coming into our first lesson, I decided that a shot rebuild would be necessary. We started by working on her Hand Placement (Index Finger on the middle of the ball) utilizing a variety of one-hand form shooting exercises from three to five feet away from the basket. By focusing on hand placement first, this helped my client straighten out the direction of her follow through (and we are still improving this habit), improve her wrist and elbow snap synchronization, and straighten out the flight of the ball. Without this skill first being taught, everything else will be difficult to rebuild, ESPECIALLY when you move to the Balance Hand (Non-Shooting Hand) and lower half of a player's shot.


*We are currently in this stage*

While her follow through is by no means perfect yet, I saw enough improvement to slowly introduce the Balance Hand to her newly developing shot. We are currently working at a range of three to eight feet from the basket and relearning how to properly time the non-shooting hand coming off of the ball while maintaining good hand placement with the shooting hand.

The two exercises at the end of this video (when my client is wearing blue shorts) are a simple “Balance Hand Shadow” exercise for keeping the non-shooting hand vertical. As well as a “Pocket Transfer” exercise for learning how to go "TO AND THROUGH THE SHOT POCKET" with one fluid motion. Pocket Transfers are when you lift for your shot from the Triple Threat position (belly button area for most) to the Shot Pocket (space above your eyebrow before the release).

When you rebuild a shot, what do you focus on first? I’d love to hear other philosophies and success stories!

For questions, please don't hesitate to message me!

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