College Pick-Up Sessions: August 6th & 13th, 2019 @ Denver Christian School OFFICIAL MIXTAPE

No drills. No plays. No coaching. Just an open gym and an opportunity for current collegiate level players and prospective college recruits to play pick-up basketball for FREE with no pressure from coaches.

That's what our college pick-up sessions are all about!

Sessions are managed exclusively by the players. They decided the scores they played to, they shot for teams, they called their own fouls and added their own stipulations (prove the last bucket with a free throw). We, as adults, simply opened the gym doors, flipped on the lights and sat back to enjoy watching some high-quality basketball. Simple as that.

In today's basketball scene, players are constantly managed by coaches or solicited for something every time they step onto the floor. What happened to good old fashioned pick-up? Where you just play and have to win to stay on the court. This competitive aspect of the game is something that is sorely missing in organized play these days.

In regards to high school and club directors that might have some concerns about their players coming out to play, no need to worry. There is no solicitation of any kind allowed at our pick-up events as we want to provide a neutral, but competitive environment where players can JUST PLAY.

Below is a list of all the players that attended the college pick-up sessions on Tuesday, August 6th and Tuesday, August 13th:

  • Blake Williams - Carroll University

  • Carter Sturgeon - Carroll University

  • Tyson Gilbert - Colorado State University - Pueblo

  • Daniel Carr - Augustana College

  • Lane D'Agostino - Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • Joe Abiakam - Norfolk State University

  • Malcolm Hudson-Haynes - New Hope Christian College

  • Jaylen Eichenberg - Trinidad State College

  • Cameron Le Van - Legend High School '20

  • Taylor Kline - Arvada West High School '20

  • Yafet Mesfin - Highlands Ranch High School '20

  • Paradisio Dante - Castle View High School '20

  • RaSheik Gaddis - Northfield High School '20

  • Marcus Rogers - Northfield High School '20

  • Garrett Rogers - Columbine High School '21

  • Trey Dominguez - Mullen High School '21

  • Aaron Jacob - Chaparral High School '21

  • Garrett Siebert - Legend High School '21

  • Luke Garrelts - Columbine High School '21

  • Chase D'Agostino - Arapahoe High School '22

Thank you to all the players and families that came out to enjoy the games. We encourage college players that are in the Denver, CO area and local college recruits to come out and compete at the next event.

We look forward to offering more open gym sessions like this in the future! To get on the list and be notified about the next event, please send us a message.

Special thanks to Coach Luke Duckett for getting this going. Let's continue to improve the Colorado basketball scene!


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