3v3 Baseline Drive and Kick Read Progression

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

In this drill the defense is given MINIMAL parameters on how they need to defend the drive. Basically, don’t stand is the rule to put it simply. This creates a more game-like feel within the drill, as well as a bit of chaos for the offense to make split second decisions based on what the defense does.

Keep in mind that prior to this 3v3 progression, they spent several weeks on more controlled 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, and 3v2 progressions before getting to a point where they can make the right decisions in an uncontrolled environment.


NO HELP > FINISH: If there is no defender between the ballhandler and the rim on the drive, then finish.


CORNER HELP > CORNER KICK: If the Corner Help gets between the ballhandler and the rim, then the ballhandler kicks the ball to the corner shooter. On dribble drives, if the scoring option is taken away, the ballhandler should always look to first pass to the man who’s defender is helping. He is generally the most open in help side rotations. This is NOT absolute though as there are always exceptions to the rule!


CORNER HELP > CORNER KICK > ONE MORE: If the wing defender helping the corner helper gets to the corner close out in time on the scramble to contest the shot, then make ONE MORE PASS to the wing shooter. This forces a very tough scramble situation for the defense as the ball lifts up to the wing. The original helper (corner defender) now has a long distance to cover on the closeout.


CORNER HELP > CORNER KICK > ONE MORE > IMMEDIATE RIP: If on the “one more” pass the closeout is overplayed (i.e. they’ve sprinted and taken away your Catch and Shoot option with hands and hips high on the scramble), then IMMEDIATELY RIP the ball and attack the closeout for the finish. If after the Immediate Rip, the driver can’t finish (i.e. corner man stunts hard/help side gets between ball and rim), then this triggers another kick sequence to the corner shooter or a dump down pass for a layup on the opposite block.

There are MANY more sequences that you can teach. These are just a few fundamental reads and sequences that I like to start off with.

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