Dribble Drive Decision-Training Drill

Dribble Drive is my favorite system to teach basketball skills within. Every Coach has their own version of the Dribble Drive and spots that they like to operate from, but the goals are relatively the same across the board - get downhill with the dribble drive and put pressure on the defense to make decisions in an effort to create a layup or a kick out for a shot. (I'm oversimplifying here.)

This Spring, I had the opportunity to work with one of the top Colorado youth basketball clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region and Nike Sponsored Club, Colorado Premier Basketball Club (Social: @coloradopremier). Specifically their 15U-17U Boys program. We spent 95% of our time in our skills training clinics on decision-training WITHIN the Dribble Drive offensive system that they had installed. It was extremely purposeful and intentional. Every training session was productive and the payoff for these kids was amazing come July when you want to be playing your best basketball as a college recruit and basketball club!

In this drill (which I don’t have a name for), we are focusing on a couple of things:

  • Finishing at the basket with contact versus a primary defender and pursuing secondary defender.

  • Figuring out what types of finishing solutions to use and when. We drilled and pre-taught a variety of finishes separately in a 1v0 and 1v1 setting first for several weeks before jumping into the 1v2 layer you see in this video.

  • Decision-making in a 2v2 sequence. We built on the 1v2 layer by adding a decision element to either finish at the basket utilizing the solutions we had given them leading up to this drill or kick the ball out to a teammate for a shot if the held side committed to helping on the drive to a shot in a spot that was relevant to their offense.

There are many different variations and ways to set up a dribble drive drill like this, but the thing I like most about this particular set up is the downhill drive created by the Dribble Handoff. It really creates a way to get the defense pursuing the drive at an angle that is similar to a game and works on Dribble Handoff exchange skills and timing. Make sure to note that this isn’t the only way to initiate the action in this drill - this was something myself and Colorado Premier Basketball Club decided was the most relevant way to initiate the drill.

I won’t get into all the little nuances and details of the parameters that we set up here so if you’d like more info on this drill feel free to send me a message!

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