Hip Swivel with a Back Dribble

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Coach Mychal Martinez teaches the Hip Swivel with a Back Dribble at his recent Basketball Skills Clinic held at Fruita Monument High School in Grand Junction, Colorado. We would like to thank Coach Michael Wells for hosting this event.

Teaching this move helps players learn how to create separation when being pressured and is especially useful to youth basketball players because:

  1. It teaches players to get “Shoulder to Chest” with their chin attached to the shoulder closest to the defender when they are facing on-ball pressure. This teaching point is crucial for handling aggressive defenders effectively – many Youth players and High School players turn their back to the defense when pressured and lose sight of the floor.

  2. It enables players to get back to a “Chest to Chest” relationship with the defender so that they become a threat again and regain control of the possession.

  3. The Back Dribble gives players extra space and time to make the correct play after relieving pressure. Again, a great variation for youth players that struggle to get separation against aggressive defenses.

There are a plethora of options out of the Hip Swivel. The four that Coach Mychal primarily teaches are:

  1. Hip Swivel > Go

  2. Hip Swivel > Inside Out

  3. Hip Swivel > Cross

  4. Hip Swivel > Cross, Cross

Watch the video below to see the Hip Swivel with a Back Dribble live! If you would like to bring a skills clinic to your area including Colorado, please visit mychalmartinezbasketball.com/team-training for more information or email Coach Mychal at info@mychalmartinezbasketball.com.

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