Inside Hand Finish Tutorial

The Inside Hand Finish is a great finishing solution to get the ball up to the rim quickly against a pursing shot blocker and/or rotating shot blocker. Similar to the Same Foot Finish, by eliminating one step before the take off (i.e. traditional lay-up footwork), it allows the offensive player to get the basketball up to the rim before the shot blocker has a chance to time their jump for the shot contest.

In this video, the player demonstrates a left side Inside Hand Finish by jumping off of the left foot and extending his right hand to the rim for the finish. For a right side Inside Hand Finish players should simply mirror the finishing hand and footwork. In other words, jump off of the right foot and extend the left hand to the rim for the finish.

Basketball purists may frown on these types of finishes, however, some of the ALL-TIME great small ball finishers such as Steve Nash, Tony Parker, and Kyrie Irving ALL utilize this solution at the rim often and with great precision! It is one of the most crafty finishes players of any size can use to get the ball up the rim quicky under the reach of the defense.

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