Same Foot Finish Tutorial

The Same Foot Finish is a great finishing solution to use at the rim against shot blockers to throw off their jump timing. By eliminating one step before the take off (i.e. traditional lay-up footwork), it allows the offensive player to get into the air before the shot blocker does.

There are two techniques players can use to lay the ball up when using a Same Foot Finish. The first is the "underhand extension" technique. This lay-up technique is great for smaller players who need to get the ball out and away from the defense. It also allows the finisher to get the ball up to the basket quicker if being guarded by a long, athletic defender (Steve Nash used the underhand extension to perfection). The second is the "overhand floater" technique. This option is great to use against rotating help side defenders to get the ball up and over their reach when they jump.

It's important to note, whenever working on finishing, to implement Ball Pick Ups outside of the lane. By ending and picking up the dribble outside of the key, it allows flexibility at the rim to manipulate the ball as needed to score around the arms of the defense. In this video, the player uses a "Low Ball Pick Up" technique. This technique is useful for undersized players, taking advantage of their lower center of gravity, and for splitting gaps into tight spaces. There are a variety of Ball Pick Ups that will be covered in future posts.

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