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Same Foot Stop Tutorial

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The Same Foot Stop is a great option to use when the defender is jamming your hips and taking away your shot, finish, and/or change of direction options off the dribble. This is one of my favorite separation moves and is great for basketball players of all ages and ability levels.

Below are some teaching points that I like to prioritize when introducing this move to players:

1) Before the stop happens, players should be thinking about veering into their defender on the drive to create contact while also throwing their body forward into a lunge position to force the downhill angle. If the player successfully veers in, two things will happen. Either the player will create enough contact to force the angle and turn the corner for a finish OR the defender will overplay the angle and shoot to the basket to take away the finish. This move focuses on the latter.

2) Now, on the stop, ball and foot should hit the floor at the same time while in a LOW LUNGE position. For the sake of example, if the ball is in your right-hand driving right, then the ball should bounce at the same time your right foot hits the floor on the stop.

3) When ball and foot hit the floor on the stop, the ball should strike behind the heel, NOT in front of the toes. This protects the ball.

4) If you want to be great at this move, get your back knee as close to the floor as possible on the stop. The back foot WILL drag as you come to the stop, and that's okay because we've created a lot of downhill momentum so that back foot needs to catch up.

5) If driving right, stop and drop through the right heel with the right knee as close to 90 degrees as possible tracking over the right foot. This gives players a better balance on the stop and is also an injury preventing technique. If players aren't careful when practicing this move, they could seriously injure their knees due to the amount of force and momentum that it requires to stop your body at speed.

Your scoring options out of the Same Foot Stop are: Shoot, Hesitate, Change Directions, and/or if you're an advanced player, a push out step. These scoring options will be detailed in future posts!

I hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to contact me if you have questions!