Shooting Warm Up Drills for Footwork, Rhythm and Balance

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

At the end of this post are video clips of several warm up drills that I like to use on a regular basis with my clients. These are drills that I have picked up from other coaches over the years including NBA Shooting Coach Dave Love and Basketball Immersion Founder, Chris Oliver.

I've had success with these exercises and am confident they will help your players as well!

Here are a few reasons WHY I prefer these dynamic drills over others:

1) These exercises directly develop better pre-catch/pre-shot habits. The teaching points I focus on for pre-shot routines are: wrist loaded (wrinkles on wrist), index finger to the ceiling, thumb spread in the shape of the letter L, chest up and over the knees (you always want to emphasize good posture when developing young shooters), and hips low and athletic.

2) On the pass, I use the catch phrase "When ball is in the air, feet are in the air." This is a huge teaching point for shooters to keep in mind as RHYTHM IS EVERYTHING for shooters. A phrase that Chris Oliver uses that I use on a constant basis now is FIGHT FOR YOUR FEET. When players are in-rhythm with the pass, shooting percentages will always go up.

3) Last but not least, balance is heavily emphasized in every drill here. I encourage players to find a width with their feet that is somewhere between their hips and their shoulders. Not every player will be shoulder width apart, which is what most shooting coaches traditionally teach. Help your players find a width that works for them! Encourage your players to drop through their heels as they prepare to jump off the floor and then LAND TALL on the landing.

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